Pineapple Ball Convergence Platform


This Platform is used for containers and pallets to go forward, backward, left and right. Single container can be rotated 360 degrees in every direction on the platform.


The Total length increased 4 meters after the convergence platform connected to the lifting platform. That can avoid aircraft engine and the other special vehicles(fuel trucks, food trucks, sewage trucks, etc.) in the loading and uploading operation.This ensure the tractors security and quickly to reach convergence bays,it reduced the handling time.

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Overall dimension (Length×Width×Height)(mm)

3760 ×2900 ×558

Platform dimension (Length×Width×Height) (mm)

3400 ×2790 ×518

Platform transimission speed


With Adjustable Pressure Device

Electric System Operating Voltage

AC 24V



Theoretical arithmetic (±5%)


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