Shanghai Hangfu Airdrome Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 1995. We are specialized in the design, manufacture, and lease of special vehicles required for civil aviation ground handling, locomotives, passenger and freight transportation, and logistics equipment. We are also the leading manufacturer of new energy equipment and the unit of oil-to-electricity upgrade and transformation services.

Our main products are: towing tractors, bulk cargo loaders, passenger boarding ladders, more than 30 kinds of different electric series products.

In spite of difficulties for many years Hangfu stuff still be conscientious and making steady efforts.

The factory park zone represents a charm of the modern manufacture and strong assets. This zone also represents the sustained and steady development of enterprises in the market of economic competition.

Our company has business relationships with 32 airlines and 118 airports, both in China as well as across the world.

Hangfu is continuously improving its R&D capabilities in the Ground Service Equipment, Hangfu enhances the training of actual combat and provide training to their employees every year in order to broaden their thinking and vision. Hangfu is promoting the development of new source of energy in civil aviation. The company has become a true leader of “The road of the new sources of energy” in civil aviation.

As a part of civil aviation, Hangfu is brave enough to speak and actively participate in the forums for civil aviation summits related to “green” airports, low-carbon civil aviation and other forums. While strengthening their own development, Hangfu also worked with Europe and the United States manufacturers. We are creating products of progressive enterprise for more than 10 years.

"Creative spirit fulfills dreams” Hangfu staff deeply gratitude Hangfu for civil aviation and the working environment of ground services. Hangfu industry is the leading technical industry in production of series electric tractors, passenger ladders and transmission vehicles. We have been rewarded a series of scientific and technical awards along with invention patents, which indicates the company's strong research and development capabilities.

Our cooperation has 8 manufacturing plants in whole China, Middle East, Asia-Pacific region, Europe and America. With a complete production service system, we provide customers with full service, quality assurance and security. We have a worldwide reputation and always praised by customers.

According to ISO, CE standards and Standardization of Civil Aviation Inspection Hangfu made its' own platform of manufacture management based on «five elements»:web informatization, standardization of the industrial process, customization of business ideas, professionalism of operation habits and achievement responsibility of all stuff.  All of these made a solid foundation for manufacture modification and innovation improvement.

The belief in “100 years old tree of Hangfu industry is built by Hangfu employees over 100 years” gives a firm belief and unparalleled courage to industry. In spite of several difficulties, the Hangfu employees always move with confidence, create excellent technologies and high-quality products. We always bring new research news in civil aviation through the spirit of our craftsmen. Let Hangfu prosper for hundreds of years and look forward to its prosperous new future!


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