HANGFU Customer Service

- keeps you moving!


You and your HF product will not be left all alone after your purchase. 


Trust our experienced experts, who gladly answer any questions you may have about technology, maintenance, documentation and training, anytime. For questions about warranties and requests for original HF parts, HF Customer Service can always help. 


Our service team works closely with all divisions, especially development/construction, who are based in the same building. In this way, customer feedback goes directly into product development.   


Your advantage: easily accessible customer service staff means quick resolution of any queries. 


HF Customer Service is made up of the following divisions:


■ Technical Service 

■ HF Training

Product Recommendation

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Contact Us

Office Tel: 0086-21-58229888
Mobile:0086-13818688391(As WeChat)
0086-13818686328(As WeChat)
Email: hfsales@hfgse.com
Add: Building 3, No.5999 Hunan Highway, Pudong , Shanghai, China