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Green Power Equipment

  • HFDQY250/350

    HFDQY250/350 is a green product developed by Shanghai Hangfu Airdrome Equipment C.,Ltd. This is a non-polluted, low noise level with high towing capacity suitable for those required a high hygience level or required a high towing capacity up to 30/45 tons

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  • HFDCS1872 Electric Conveyor Loader

    HFDCS1872 is exactly the same as our traditional conveyor belt loader except she is using electric driven, a green product.

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  • HF DQY150 Electric Towing Tractor

    HFDQY150 is designed for internal usage. She has a competitive small draw bar pull of 15T which has the ability to pull/push 15,000kg.

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  • HF-BLE Harlan Electric Belt Loader

    The operation is PLC controlled and thus, the speed and the belt travelling speed etc. can be adjust to customer’s requirements

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  • HF-HLE Harlan Electric Tractor

    Harlan electric tractor is an alternative choice of towing tractor. It has the same function of any diesel towing tractor. The advantage is low maintenance cost and operating cost when compare with the diesel towing tractor

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