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Green Power Equipment

  • HFDQY060 Multifunctional electric towing tractor

    6 KN electric draw bar pull, USA CURTIS AC variable-frequency control system, fitted with multifunctional CURTIS display. Italian FAAM lead-acid battery provided vehicle withe pwer source, USA KDS AC generator strong output drive effects stepless speeed

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  • HFDQY260 Electric Towing Tractor

    HFDQY260/260G is a green product developed by Shanghai HangFu Airdrome Equipment Co,Ltd.It is with hydraulic steering and European and American electric controller,rear driven axle,front disc brake,rear drum brake,and 80V/376V European Lead -Acid battery

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  • HFDQY6280 Electric Aifcraft Towing Tractor

    Shanghai Hangfu Company has independently developed a high-power pure electric aircraft tractor,which is used for pushing and pulling aircraft tractors with a capacity of less than 300 tons.

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  • HFDCS1872 Electric Conveyor Loader

    HFDCS1872 is exactly the same as our traditional conveyor belt loader except she is using electric driven, a green product.

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  • HF DQY150 Electric Towing Tractor

    HFDQY150 is designed for internal usage. She has a competitive small draw bar pull of 15T which has the ability to pull/push 15,000kg.

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  • HFDQY250F Electric towing tractor

    HFDQY250/350/250F is a green product developed by Shanghai Hangfu Airdrome Equipment Co.,Ltd. This is a non-polluted, low noise level with high towing capacity suitable for those required a high hygiene level or those required a high towing capacity up to

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  • HFDQY6160 Aircraft tow tractor

    Max Towing Pull :160kN
    Max towing capacity: 192,000KG
    Dimension(mm):5900*2135*1850(with optional cab)
    Battery: HOPPECKE or FAAM

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  • HFDZT5800/4800

    HFDZT4800/5800electric passenger boarding stairs is researched and developed by the HangFu company for taking the passenger on or off the airplane.

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  • HF-HLE Harlan Electric Tractor

    Harlan electric tractor is an alternative choice of towing tractor. It has the same function of any diesel towing tractor. The advantage is low maintenance cost and operating cost when compare with the diesel towing tractor

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