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  • HFDQY060 Multifunctional electric towing tractor

    6 KN electric draw bar pull, USA CURTIS AC variable-frequency control system, fitted with multifunctional CURTIS display. Italian FAAM lead-acid battery provided vehicle withe pwer source, USA KDS AC generator strong output drive effects stepless speeed

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  • HFDQY260 Electric Towing Tractor

    HFDQY260/260G is a green product developed by Shanghai HangFu Airdrome Equipment Co,Ltd.It is with hydraulic steering and European and American electric controller,rear driven axle,front disc brake,rear drum brake,and 80V/376V European Lead -Acid battery

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  • HFDQY6280 Electric Aifcraft Towing Tractor

    Shanghai Hangfu Company has independently developed a high-power pure electric aircraft tractor,which is used for pushing and pulling aircraft tractors with a capacity of less than 300 tons.

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  • HFDCS1872 Electric Conveyor Loader

    HFDCS1872 is exactly the same as our traditional conveyor belt loader except she is using electric driven, a green product.

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  • HF DQY150 Electric Towing Tractor

    HFDQY150 is designed for internal usage. She has a competitive small draw bar pull of 15T which has the ability to pull/push 15,000kg.

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  • HFDQY250F Electric towing tractor

    HFDQY250/350/250F is a green product developed by Shanghai Hangfu Airdrome Equipment Co.,Ltd. This is a non-polluted, low noise level with high towing capacity suitable for those required a high hygiene level or those required a high towing capacity up to

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  • HFDQY6160 Aircraft tow tractor

    Max Towing Pull :160kN
    Max towing capacity: 192,000KG
    Dimension(mm):5900*2135*1850(with optional cab)
    Battery: HOPPECKE or FAAM

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  • HFDZT5800/4800

    HFDZT4800/5800electric passenger boarding stairs is researched and developed by the HangFu company for taking the passenger on or off the airplane.

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  • CT600 Hi-Lift Catering Trucks

    The AEC CT600 Hi-Lift Catering Trucks are general purpose vehicles used primarily for loading/unloading food trolley and beverages into/from aircraft. The platform height is between 2.84 and 6m.

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  • ABL580 Disabled Passenger Boarding Truck

    The AEC ambu-lift/disabled passenger boarding truck ABL580 equipped with a liftable lounge, for the transpotation of elderly people or disabled passengers between airport concourse and aircraft door. The platorm height is between 2.2 and 5.8m.

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