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Aircraft Service Equipment

  • HFTSR5800 Disabled passenger boarding vehicle

    HFTSR5800 disabled passenger boarding vehicle is a humanized special boarding vehicle used to help the disabled to boarding and disboarding, it is applicable for all the aircrafts

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  • HFSP4000/6000 Catering Truck

    Performance, good stability and good spare parts commonality, it is applicable for aircrafts with a sill height ranges at 2400mm-6,000 mm

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  • HFLJ1500 Rubbish Truck

    HFLJ1500 rubbish truck is garbage collector build on reliable commercial chassis. It is featured with big capacity, water-tightness, stable performance and good spare parts commonality

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  • HFQS2500/4000 Water Truck

    HFQS2500/4000 water truck is used to provided drinking water for pass.
    HFQS2500/4000 waste water truck is used for extract the waste water from the aircraft

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  • HFWS2900 Waste Water Truck

    HFWS2900 waste water truck is used for extract the waste water from the aircraft. It is mounted on a commercial chassis

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  • HF6150 Series Aircraft

    The HF6150 series aircraft, using European latest technology, is designed to push and pull all known narrow body and to certain extend medium body aircrafts

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