HF Training

valuable expert know-how for drivers and technicians
We train drivers, operators and technicians, customized to your needs:



Driver Training
Safe driving and operation of your machine as well as dealing with emergency and recovery functions are the main focus of this training course. Economical use of the machine is also emphasized.

Training for Technicians
We train your maintenance staff in handling HF machines. Some areas include:

-  the drive system e.g. engine, gears, axes, etc. 

-  all electric and hydraulic systems 

-  steering and brakes

-  diagnosis 

-  maintenance, based on the maintenance schedule

-  repairing individual components.


Special Training in Electrics and Electronics

Experts from HF show you everything worth knowing connected with the electric and electronic components of your HF vehicle including the electro-hydraulic steering system.

Specific Customer Training

We gladly provide custom-made training to suit your wishes. This can take place on-site on your premises, or in our training centers. 

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Our Promise:

We will make you ready for your HF machine!



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