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Cargo Handling Equipment

  • Pineapple Ball Convergence Platform

    This Platform is used for containers and pallets to go forward, backward, left and right. Single container can be rotated 360 degrees in every direction on the platform

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  • Roller Platform

    1. Standard channel steel (14#), ( 40mm X 30mm X 3mm) Baffle and (80mm X 50mm X 4mm) Vertical bezel frame.
    2. Roller and ball can ensure the pressure, easily for transmitting

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  • Cargo lifting platform

    1.Bended 3MM quality carbon steel frame.
    2. Roller and ball can ensure the pressure, easily for transmitting

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  • HF1836 Light Conveyor Belt

    HF1836 light conveyor belt is adopting requirements from low cost airline in handling their luggage and/or cargo. The design is based on environmental friendly concept. It provides an economic, reliable and easily operated conveyor belt function

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  • HF1843 Belt Loader

    The HF1843 is adopted the most advanced technology from European as well as the feedback from customers. It mixes with the best from imported and local manufactured. The engine is either of imported from Japan Isuzu or local joint venture JMC Isuzu

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  • HFSJJ70 Shoveling Lifting Platform

    The platform is mainly used for cargo terminals and cargo centralized control center. It is a revolving equipment to adjust the gap between the level of Pallet/container and pallet dolly

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  • HF5825Z Towing Tractor

    HF5825Z diesel powered towing tractor is designed for towing baggage and cargo in airlines / aircraft servicing industry. It adopts most advanced technology in Europe and is of armored design

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